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 Guideline or example F5 Load Balancer to HCP

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Data Conversion posted 02-15-2019 21:59

Anybody have some kind of basic configuration guide or hints about configuring HCP behind an F5 Load Balancer?

I do see a couple of White Paper around HCP Load Balancing Best Practices:

HCP and HCP Anywhere Networking and Load Balancer Best Practices Whitepaper March 2018

HCP Load Balancing Best Practices

But not really anything around F5 specifically.

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Thomas Massano

I believe Jeff Stewartwas working on one....



Thomas Massano Data Intelligence Technical Expert, Eastern Division

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Jeffrey Stewart

Hi Cliff... here is an updated reference document with some F5 / HCP details:

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ralf buschmann

Hi Jeff, the document seems to be available only for Hitachi colleagues (Anywhere logon window).

Can you make it available by a "public link" in HCP AW?



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Michael Goode

All three of these documents are created with internal only (Hitachi employee) links.  The documents are not marked internal only and I have a partner requesting assistance with configuring a F5 Load Balancer with HCP (a partner qualified to perform this type of service).  Can we share these documents?  Better yet, can we create "public links" for these types of partners?



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Wei Hwa Chan

Hi Jeff,

Do you have the finalized and completed document ready now? 



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Joshua Eddy

Here is the file itself, so that the expired links do not need to be used.

F5 BigIP (LTM) Quick Start Guide for Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) v4.0 - DRAFT