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 HDD replacement for HUS 110

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Hieu Dinh's profile image
Hieu Dinh posted 07-28-2021 05:19

Hi, I'm looking for document which specify the partnumber and firmware revision of HDD that compatible with our HUS 110. The only information I got is Version.txt file from drvfirm folder on firmware update which is hard to translate to partnumber to purchase. We ordered a few but still can not get the HDD recognized by storage.

Grant Woodbury's profile image
Grant Woodbury

The HUS 110 went EoA way back in June 2019, it was already 7 year old architecture, so now 10 years.
Hitachi will not supply any replacement parts, and will not allow 3rd party "substitute"  disks, had a client that tried unsuccessfully.

You can replace/consolidate many HUS's onto a single VSP E or G series..  a much smaller footprint for much better performance.

Highly suggest you call your sales team.


SeungHwan Kim's profile image
SeungHwan Kim
HUS and HUSVM share HDD.

Therefore, the HDD used in HUSVM cannot be used in HUS series.

Currently, most parts are refurbished parts, so check with the parts seller.