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 ESXi needs reboot to see a new Hitachi array?

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Hyung Kim posted 03-19-2022 17:01
We are doing a POC for a customer.  They wanted to enable GAD in an existing environment, and want to make sure it's non disruptive.

One issue I am running into is that when a new E790 is introduced to the environment, the esxi servers do not see the E790 LUN's, until the ESXi servers are rebooted.  Rescanning for new storage does not work.

Is this an expected behavior?

I don't believe other vendors have this issue, but not 100% sure.
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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

All vendors have this issue, it's not an issue with the vendor, it's to do with how the SCSI protocol works. 

The Initiator, needs to relog to discover the new paths. What you can try and do if you have multipathing properly configured is to offline a single port from the switch, online it again, and then see if it will find the new luns from the new device. Once the new device is discovered you should find that a normal rescan will pickup any new luns on the discovered device.
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Dipta Kundu
Absolutely right William