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 Can't add new Systems in UCP Advisor...

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  • Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure
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Christian Odenthal posted 08-23-2021 12:52

Hi, if i want to add a new System in UCP Advisor (over the vCenter Plugin) i get the error:

"an internal server error occurred", nothing else.

Any hint for me, wat can i do now?

The only things i can do here is to input a name, select the system (UC, HC and so on), type in the serial and the ip of the gateway. Than i click on next and the error occurred. Nothing else.

What can i do?

Regards Christian

Golthier Santos's profile image
Golthier Santos
Hi Christian,

The error mentioned above is very generic and it could be caused by a number of issues and unfortunately, it doesn't provide much information on what could be causing the issue. I'm assuming this is no longer an issue because of the time it was posted here. 
The best advice I can provide is to reach out to Global Contact Center and open a case so GSC can assist you.

Thank you,