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RIAZ MAHOMED posted 10-19-2018 17:01


I am trying to configure a multiprotocol share on the HNAS, I have created the CIFS/NFS share and configured the domain accounts on the cifs share and added the IP for the NFS, now I am having an issue on windows NTFS side were the permissions get screwed up as soon as the Linux server tries to access the share via the NFS mount. When I click on the security settings of the folder in windows I get the following warning " Re-order the permissions".

Also when the Linux server creates the file windows cannot access the file because the owner is set by Linux it has to be changed manually on the file to set it to allow administrators then only can a windows user access the file.

The Linux admin created a local user account and gave me the UID/GUID, which is 1004. So I mapped the user on the NAS

NFSV2/3 Name: added the Linux local user name (e.g. bob)

Unix ID: 1004

Window name: added the domain user (domain\bob)

Windows ID: Set to discover, so it picked up the sid of domain\bob.

I did the same for the group mappings

I also added the windows domain users to local admin group as well.

But we still cant get the NFS and CIFS to work together, the filesystem is set to Mixed mode. I have attached the user mapping settings.



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