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 Does anyone have a working example of setting up replication between two buckets on two different Cloud Scale systems? CLI preferred. Thanks in advance.

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Bernard Lam posted 03-31-2021 14:30
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Steven Looby

Syntax for Sync-OUT (source buckrt to Destination bucket).


In this example, we'll replicating content matching a prefix and tag value.


aws --endpoint-url s3api put-bucket-replication --bucket "aspen_bucket" --replication-configuration \​


    "Role": "", ​

    "Rules": [{​

        "ID": "rule_for_september_images",​

        "Filter": {​

            "Prefix": "/images/september/", ​

            "Tag": {​

                "Key": "target", ​

                "Value": "cloud"​



        "Status": "Enabled", ​

        "Destination": {​

            "Bucket": "",​

            "Account": “AA=,BB=",​





other Notes:


  • “Bucket” has a set of parameters for external bucket:​

arn::sync-to::<version>::<S3 host:port>::<region>::<bucket name>::<auth version>::<use path style always>

  • “Account” has the S3 credentials for external S3 bucket in the following format (e.g. in Linux use “echo –n $accessKey | base 64”):​