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 Can not delete empty HCP namespaces

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Lâm Thanh Nhật's profile image
Lâm Thanh Nhật posted 01-29-2019 04:05

I have some namespace with Object-Count is 0 but I can not delete them. If I create a new namespace, I can delete it.


Do I miss something? Please help.


Thomas Massano's profile image
Thomas Massano

Has garbage collection run?

Perhaps run it again and make sure via the logs that it was successful.

Also make sure the namespace is not being replicated.

If none of those work I would suggest opening a support case.

Noel Lucas's profile image
Noel Lucas

Also, keep in mind empty directories are not counted as objects. If there is an empty directory, you won't be able to delete the namespace. Enable the CIFS protocol, mount it and delete any empty directories. Then you should be able to delete the namespace.

Dirk Walde's profile image
Dirk Walde

Is the namespace really empty ? really really ? ;-)

make sure there are no deletion records enabled. They are not counted as objects and are not visible in the namespace, making him only looking empty...

If "Keep Deletion records for versioned objects" are enabled, off-click it.

If you have versioning still enabled, on-click "prune versions older than 0 days".

Then, run Garbage collection manually.

That should do it....



Is this an issue of a customer or of you, playing around with HCP and testing ?

For the latter: Does admin jvm mean something to you ? ;-)

Aleksandr Rainchik's profile image
Aleksandr Rainchik

I'm having similar issue. Can't delete namespace with versioning enabled. I've purged all files and folders, but folders are still showing up in HCP DM as grayed-out (deleted). I've disabled "Keep deletion records for versioned objects", changed "Prune versions older than [ ] days" to 0 and ran Garbage Collection service manually.

If I run curl to get listing of a root folder with ?deleted=true option - I see a bunch of folders, every folder entry says state="deleted"

I still see those deleted folders and my guess is that's what not allowing me to delete namespace. I do not want to go with "admin jvm" path, so still looking for a way to get a supported way to clean and delete namespaces.

Noel Lucas's profile image
Noel Lucas

Aleksandr, an easy way to get this done would be to enable CIFS or NFS on the namespacce, mount the namespace, and manually delete the empty folders within the /data folder. Then you can delete the namespace. I've done this many times to work around the issue.  

Ralf Siekierski's profile image
Ralf Siekierski

Hi Folks,

what can help here is the usage of the HCP Data Migrator Tool. THis can be used to delete namespaces.

best regards

Ralf Siekierski