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 How to enable deduplication on G350

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Daniel Kleeman posted 06-19-2020 16:04

I am struggling to see how to enable deduplication on a G350 using either Command Suite or Device Manager - Storage Navigator.


My pool is a single tier with one parity group of SSD.


I am following the provisioning guide that says


Before you begin • The Storage Administrator (Provisioning) role is required to perform this task. • The dedupe and compression license must be installed. • There must be enough available cache management devices to create the deduplication system data volume. Each deduplication system data volume uses 14 cache management devices. • The status of the pool must be Normal. • Data Direct Mapping must be disabled. • Multi-tier pool must be disabled. • There must be enough available LDEV IDs.


Procedure 1. Open the Pools window. In Hitachi Command Suite: Configuring thin provisioning 257 Provisioning Guide for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Gx00 and Fx00 Models a. On the Resources tab, click Storage Systems, and then expand All Storage Systems and the target storage system. b. Right-click DP Pools, and then select System GUI. In Device Manager - Storage Navigator: a. Click Storage Systems, and then expand the Storage Systems tree. b. Click Pools. 2. In the Pools table, select the pool for which you want to change the deduplication setting. 3. Click More Actions, and select Edit Pools. 4. In the Edit Pools window, click the Deduplication check box. 5. Select Enable. 


The dialog box does not have the deduplication option (see image)

Annotation 2020-06-19 170055


I don't understand all the pre-requisites, but I definitely have a licence installed; the pool status is normal and Data Direct Mapping is disabled. How do I achieve this?

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Roberto Seldner

would you be willing to post the system's configuration report?

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Daniel Kleeman

I believe that the correct answer is that you must be using the Device Manager Storage Navigator (i.e. logged in to the SVP Windows session).