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 What is NASFW, NASFWINST in Firmware?

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Dasom Jung posted 01-16-2019 04:54

Hello All,

What is the purpose of NASFW, NASFWINST in firmware of Fx00 unified model?

When the storage system is delivered from the distribution center, NASFW, NASFWINST are the same but when I downgrade the firmware version,only NASFW seems to be changed.

For example, PBL is 83-05-26. when I downgrade the firmware version to 83-04-61, the NASFWINST remains same as before but NASFW changes.

I don't know the differences between NASFW and NASFWINST.

Please help me.

Thank you.

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Albert Hagopian

required for Unified with NAS modules. if you have no NAS modules, they can be uninstalled. Work with your local CE's since it sounds like this is a non-production environment.

they come as part of the "NASallfirmware.mda" file when that is used as install media as opposed to the AllFirmware.mda.