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 Using for VSP G/F monitoring

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Lukas Belovsky posted 04-05-2019 15:43


do you have any experience using for monitoring VSP G/F arrays?

What is the prefered way to integrate (REST API)?

Any suggestions, advices, examples, to make the integration smooth and avoid any dead ends?

Thanks a lot for reply.


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storage gespag

Hi Lukas,


Do you already have a solution, or what was your way to get VSP G/F arrays metrics into prometheus?




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Lukas Belovsky

Hi @storage gespag​ 

no, I did not received any hints / suggestions to do so.

Customer finally decided to give a try with Hitachi Performance Analytics, so we did not dig deeper to prometheus.


Sorry for not a helpful answer.





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storage gespag

To bad,


So an other question from my side is what interfaces does vsp G/F arrays have to export performance data. Are there some REST API's, SNMP, other tools. Because there are some prometheus exporters that can use SNMP. as data source.


But there are also exporters that can use a REST API.

At least it is possible to build one that can use a REST API from the VSP G series.

But what I know there are not everywhere REST API's available or at least some kind of service like CCI has to be used as "middleware".


If you have more information about that it would help to create something useable.


Best Regards

Gerhard Sulzberger


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David Pascuzzi

Did you hear anything on this? Have someone wanting to get this data into Splunk