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 Unable to access BMC on a DS120 advanced server. How can I reset the BMC password?

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  • Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure
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PETER ARIYO posted 06-22-2021 01:34
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William Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen



Have you tried the default username and password:

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Thanks for the feedback.I have tried using the default login but it isn't going through.Regards,Peter ARIYO
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Cathrine Skiles

a. Login User Tool & open AR System Administration Console --> System --> General --> Server Information --> Connections Settings tab --> Mid-Tier Administrator Password (set a new password here).

   Once done, apply & logout.


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Golthier Santos

There are two ways you can reset the password. 

Method 1 - via IPMI
Method 2 - by reflashing the BMC firmware

I suggest reaching out to Global Support Center so we can provide you with the exact steps.