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 Where is Released on 2022-04-18 It's not available on SourceForge for download

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Thurlow Caffey posted 04-26-2022 19:26
I recently received an email from SourceForge stating that the community edition of Pentaho v was released on 2022-04-18 and available on SourceForge for download.  I've tried several times over the last week to download it but only v is available for download.  Have others had the same experience?  Hitachi-Vantara, could you shake the trees at SourceForge and make available for download.  I want to see if this version is no longer using the Log4J-CVE risks that v has.

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ember zhang
9.3 files were available and it seems like the official team removed the links. Guess 9.3 maybe revoked due to some bug problems.