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  • 1.  HCP garbage collection

    Posted 02-01-2022 03:57

    I have an HCP where default schedule garbage collection run every day and every day stop without finished so i start garbage collection manually there is now 11 days and it is not finished. How can i see what this job is doing  and to know how long it will take ? I think  I can stop it and i'll see the result and restart it just after but perhaps it's not the best solution.


    jean yves Le Henaff
    Systems Engineer

  • 2.  RE: HCP garbage collection

    Posted 02-02-2022 04:31
    Running GC manually will cause this service to run at high and does not stop until it goes through ALL objects in an entire system run and can be disruptive based on workload and environment.

    GC service uses checkpoints to pick up where it left off, so starting/stopping to find out progress is a bad behavior.

    Alternatively, an option is to consult chargeback reporting and look at object count to determine GC recovery _OR_ look at the service event overtime to capture average GC processing times/count.

    Hein Beeck
    Hitachi Vantara