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#TipTuesday: Contribute to Discussions

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  • 1.  #TipTuesday: Contribute to Discussions

    Posted 01-11-2022 09:00

    Good morning! Have you wanted to contribute to a conversation, but are not sure how? Here are two easy ways you can start engaging in conversations:


    Option 1: Reply 

    • Navigate to the post you would like to respond to
    • Click Reply (this will be a public reply)
    • Extra Tip: To reply privately to the author of the message, click the drop-down arrow next to Reply and select Reply Privately


    Option 2: Via the Email Digest 

    • Click the blue Reply to Group button located below the displayed post title (to the right of the author name)
    • This will open an email
    • Enter your contribution and send the message as you would a normal email
    • This will post your response on the discussion board
    • Extra Tip: You can also share a reply by clicking the Reply to Group Online or Reply to Sender (Private Reply). This will open a reply option in a new web page.

    Click 'reply' or 'reply privately' for any questions!


    Community Team
    Hitachi Vantara