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Thinking Digital Transformation? Think Digital Modernization, First.

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  • 1.  Thinking Digital Transformation? Think Digital Modernization, First.

    Posted 11-03-2022 13:25

    You will be hard pressed to find a company in any industry NOT pursuing some sort of digital transformation (DX) agenda. It's practically a perquisite to staying competitive.

    What many don't realize is DX isn't a one and done – but rather, a continuous – process. That makes it critical to have a holistic strategy to implement a modern cloud operating model, supported by a modernized digital core, including infrastructure, applications, and data.

    According to Hitachi Vantara's Prem Balasubramanian, CTO, Digital Solutions, "the end result for every company doesn't have to compare with that of companies born in the cloud," which can be difficult for established companies still working with legacy technology. But you do need to be able to "look at the end state and ask what part should be on cloud and on-prem," and build and modernize to deliver from there. 


    The cost of when every company is a software company 


    What's remarkable about cloud models is how quickly they enable you to move. Code launches that used to take months can now be done daily, with the impact visible in minutes. Thanks to technologies like Kubernetes, machine learning, and DevOps, the lines between hardware, applications, and services continues to blur.

    While the speed that comes with everyone operating like a software company can be a boon to business, it can also come at a cost. For example, in an on-prem, CapEx environment, a single, inefficient line of code may simply slow things down. But in a OpEx, as-a-service environment, you might see a sudden spike in service charges which goes undetected until they've really begun to add up. 


    Reigning in cost can be a challenge 


    This highlights the importance of understanding and taming cloud complexity – knowing how to identify and address such challenges in evolving, distributed and hybrid cloud environments – in delivering any sort of DX initiative. 

    "It's extremely important to think about designing for the cloud. This is more than just the architecture, but also encompasses reliability, security, and cost," Balasubramanian says. "Working with clients, we meet them wherever they are in their journey, implementing strategies across the board, taking into account modern workloads, workplace, and workflows. And building a cloud operating model and modernized applications to support it." 


    Modernization takes vision and vigilance 


    Transformation and modernization were key topics of Modern Cloud Operations for Data-Driven, Application-Led Digital Businesses, our webinar featuring Balasubramanian, and partners at the 451 Research unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Discussion covered apps, infrastructure, associated TCO, and how our E3 Methodology helps to envision, evaluate, and execute to meet the ongoing complexity of managing cloud driven environments. Those interested in implementing a FinOps-led program might also learn more about Hitachi Application Reliability Centers (HARC) (HARC) services. 

    Melanie Posey, Research Director, 451 Research, Part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, with Hitachi Vantara's Prem Balasubramanian, CTO, Digital Solutions.



    Premkumar Balasubramanian
    SVP Technology and Solutions Office
    Hitachi Vantara