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HUR replication over FCIP with old 7800 brocade switches

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  • 1.  HUR replication over FCIP with old 7800 brocade switches

    Posted 11-23-2021 03:05
    Good day Community
    I have a sort of technical question.
    I have set up a hur replication between sites over FCIP bandwith is 100 Mbps  total , yes I know its small but it is working between sites , HUSVM to HUSVM.  SOM 466 was set on both ends . and I am managing replication only through GUI , no CLI used .
    HW Refresh time upgrade to VSP5100 in 1 site , and E990 in remote site.
    Now I cannot find if SOM 466 is still valid on both new storage platforms.
    The new 7800 zoning was added to the existing zone config and activated.
    The replication was tested between the E990 as primary to VSP5100 secondary, Replication is working fine although slow with Bandwith restrictions.
    The problem comes in when reverse replication is attempted. To use VSP5100 as primary to E990 secondary , then all Applications on VSP5100 is building high latency, until everythinggrinds to a halt.
    Journal sizes is 50GB  to test 15GB data replication . 2 ports on each platform used for replication.
    There is a separate pool for replication  on both sides .
    What could be the problem That I can replicate from E990 to Vsp5100 , but not from vsp5100 to E990?
    Any info would be helpfull.

    Mornay Richards
    Service Representative
    Logicalis SA (Pty) Ltd