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Design, Build, and Run Cloud Workloads for Reliability from the Start

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  • 1.  Design, Build, and Run Cloud Workloads for Reliability from the Start

    Posted 11-14-2022 12:22

    Part three from a four-part series on taming cloud complexity, with Forrester 


    The first two parts of our four-part conversation series with Forrester, Taming the Complexity of Cloud Operations, focused on optimizing cloud operations and costs. In part three, the focus is how to design and run modern workloads to deliver on both fronts. In evolving hybrid cloud environments, that process begins at the very start, and across a single, tightly integrated design, build, run continuum.

    There’s a good chance enterprise or cloud architects already play a role making this happen at your company, navigating the vast array of available public cloud services, then determining which best meet organizational needs. While that’s a good start, you also need an organizational infrastructure to ensure delivery and management of the workload end-to-end. “This will help you take advantage of everything cloud offers natively in terms of durability, availability, and performance,” says KP Hari, Hitachi Vantara VP of Digital Modernization. 


    Establish a cloud center of excellence 


    Sometimes called a cloud business office, a cloud center of excellence brings architects together with a range of stakeholders where everyone can step aside from their immediate roles and look at what's available and appropriate for the broader environment. As well as for everyone’s individual needs, including security, compliance, and governance. 

    In addition to breaking down organizational silos, a cloud center of excellence also helps you develop internal talent and essential skill sets, and to create a training curation platform required to facilitate long-term success.  


    Resilience engineering for a more efficient run cycle 


    In addition to DevSecOps, “the dominant skillset people talk about is site reliability engineering,” says Forrester Senior Analyst Lee Sustar. “As the CIO is the mediating figure between the vast availability of cloud services, the SRE mediates between how these services are being developed and turning them into something that meets all your service level agreements.”

    Ensuring you design for resilience engineering across all phases of the workload helps you consider every aspect of your functional and strategic requirements. “This is the starting point of how you first design for being agile,” Hari says. “There is a lot more to consider than managing a fleet of virtual machines, which itself was not easy. So, the SRE becomes critical to how an organization runs day-to-day.” 


    Decouple processes, tools, and orchestration for flexible operations 


    As organizations move away from monolithic applications toward modern workloads and microservices, they need to be able to decouple tools, processes, and orchestration. This represents a fundamental but critical shift for IT leaders ensuring workload reliability. Check out Design Your Workloads for Reliability and Cost for more about evolving organizational infrastructure. 

    “The roles of IT leaders have changed,” Hari says. “CIOs are service brokers to the business. Cloud architects mediate vast arrays of services. SREs mediate how services are developed. To succeed, they’ll all need to lean in and create an emphatic team culture.” 

    Taming the Complexity of Cloud Operations 

    A four-part webinar discussion series with Forrester 


    Episode 3: Design Your Workloads for Reliability and Cost, featuring: 

    • KrishnaPrasath (KP) Hari, VP of Digital Modernization, Hitachi Vantara  
    • Lee Sustar, Principal Analyst, Forrester 
    • Samta Bansal, Global Consulting Portfolio Marketing Leader, Hitachi Vantara (moderator) 


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    Krishnaprasath Hari
    Vice President - Digital Modernization, Cloud Modernization Group
    Hitachi Vantara