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VSP G200 Force remove "un-install" free disks

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  • 1.  VSP G200 Force remove "un-install" free disks

    Posted 07-14-2022 11:40
    I'm wondering if there is a way to force "remove"/"un-install" free drives, while other disks are in "failed" or "blocked" state ?
    In a VSP G200 with DB60 disk array, there's 2 disks installed as "free", which of course can be turned as spare disks. There was 2 more disks installed as spare.
    The problem is that 2 DATA disks have failed and the 2 spares took the job and became DATA.
    Is there a way to force remove the "free" disks in order to use them as replacement for the failed ones ?.
    The disks can't be removed, from the Maintenance Utility : a message shows up telling that there's failed or blocked parts, you need to restore them first.

    Dawed Samy
    IT Support Manager