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GAD Cluster Link over IP Line

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  • 1.  GAD Cluster Link over IP Line

    Posted 02-09-2023 12:09

    Hi there, 

    a customer don't have FibreChannel lines between the datcenter and he don't want to use iSCSI as GAD cluster connect protocol.
    So what are the alternatives we have ?
    Would it be possible to use a FC-over-IP Gateways/Bridges to encapsulate FC frames into IP packets ? 



    Sven Kirsten
    Systems Engineer
    SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH

  • 2.  RE: GAD Cluster Link over IP Line

    Posted 02-14-2023 07:25


    It should work. I tried getting a link to some articles but couldn't find one right away. We did the same for some of our clients back when I worked as an engineer. To my knowledge GAD is supported as long as the induced latency isn't above 20ms. 

    William Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen
    Hitachi Vantara