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Has the Value Delivered by the Cloud Lived Up to the Promise? Let’s Find Out.

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  • 1.  Has the Value Delivered by the Cloud Lived Up to the Promise? Let’s Find Out.

    Posted 11-18-2022 13:21

    Analyst tool shows strong return working with the right partner; do the results add up for you? 


    Cloud computing is now so tightly integrated in the fabric of the modern enterprise, it’s almost a given for any company to stay competitive. But like any evolving technology, for most companies, cloud migration is still a work-in-progress. For some, the process has already reaped great rewards. But others encountered unexpected turbulence, e.g., costs that may have exceeded those of the legacy systems they replaced. Or complexity moving to cloud-native apps requiring skill sets and resources that weren’t originally factored in. 


    How would you classify your cloud journey 


    If you’re reading this article (meaning you’re already a customer), you may already take advantage of our broad range of digital modernization solutions and services, including cloud, application, data, and infrastructure modernization. Or even Hitachi Application Reliability Centers (HARC) services. Still, you may be interested to hear, there’s a tool (and supporting study) showing companies using Hitachi Vantara services saved months on their projects, minimized required resources, and more.  


    Find out yourself, try Forrester Consulting’s TEI™ Calculator for Cloud and Application Modernization Services 


    Making sure our customers achieve superior outcomes is always paramount. So, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to create a tool to measure The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Cloud And Application Modernization Services From Hitachi Vantara, to quantify savings for customers like yours. Results show a significant, measurable upside to a well-planned, tightly managed modernization initiative. Strong evidence you can control budgets, migrate critical apps faster, and reap larger financial rewards leveraging expert strategic support from an experienced partner.

    There is also an accompanying report detailing overall findings (exploring cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk) for a composite of current customers. The findings examine and detail potential cost savings and benefits you can achieve with Cloud and Application Modernization Services from Hitachi Vantara. 


    The promise is real, so get ROI jump-started today 


    Results will of course vary, but one of many datapoints reveals risk-adjusted savings of $1.1M in each of the first three years in ongoing management alone. And that is just the start. Given you have the right skill sets, technology and/or in this case, you’re working with a trusted partner. 


    Samta Bansal
    Product Marketing & Management Executive Level 2
    Hitachi Vantara