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HCP CloudScale Grafana alert setting

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  • 1.  HCP CloudScale Grafana alert setting

    Posted 06-22-2023 21:51

    Hi team,

    I'm currenlty trying to meet customer needs with our grafana in HCP CS.

    They want to receive alert once their bucket reached up to the threshold value.

    So, I'm testing it in our lab HCP CS. but, When I set the mail alert setting, I could see below errors.

    I think I should set grafana.ini file in grafana container. 

    I'm not sure It's OK or not. and Does any one have experience configure grafana alert setting?

    If you can share your experience, It's really helpful to me :)

    Always Thanks.

    Hong Woo
    Systems Engineer
    Hyosung Information Systems Co., Ltd