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  • 1.  HCP - Intrusuion Preventiom

    Posted 03-29-2023 17:37

    Hi Colleges,

    I have a question, about any paper, or documentation about Intrusuion Prevention on a HCP.

    This question will be asked during our upcoming SOC Audit.

    Is there any information about this theme available.

    Thank you in advance and best regards

    Ralf Siekierski

    Ralf Siekierski
    Storage Engineering
    T-Systems International GmbH

  • 2.  RE: HCP - Intrusuion Preventiom

    Posted 03-30-2023 04:43

    Please refer to the following Security document for various HCP intrusion prevention methods.

    HCP Security Hardening Whitepaper | Hitachi Vantara

    Access control – HCP Tenant management – System and Tenant roles
    User Auth – User can be authenticated gets secured with  AD/LDAP Radius / Keystone integration
    Network Security – HCP firewall protecting each nodes & Datacenter firewall ( limiting front end access )
    Encryption – AES 256 block and FIPS compliance
    System Monitoring – leveraging Syslog alert administrators can monitor suspicious activity.
    Vulnerability Scan - External security assessment and audits are performed periodically on HCP software. – Network vulnerability scan via Nessus from tenable networks.

  • 3.  RE: HCP - Intrusuion Preventiom

    Posted 03-30-2023 04:55

    Hi Muthuraman,


    unfortunately your link, does not work for me, see screenshot.



    So can you sent me a copy of the document.


    Thanks for your help and assistance.


    Best regards

    Ralf Siekierski




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  • 4.  RE: HCP - Intrusuion Preventiom

    Posted 03-30-2023 05:04

    This is a public-facing document, I hope this document link works for you.

    Hitachivantara remove preview
    View this on Hitachivantara >

    This document is located in the product document section and is accessible for customers and partners, i guess your ID needs to be registered into the T systems customer profile to gain access to the product document please reach out to Support Connect Assistance for assistance with website-related issues such as Support Connect login, software and documentation downloads, Technical Bulletins accessibility and other Support Connect features.   Hitachi Content Platform Security Hardening Best Practices - Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

    Please use this link for downloading the file

    Muthuraman Deivanayagam
    Product Management - Expert - Object Storage Solutions
    Hitachi Vantara

  • 5.  RE: HCP - Intrusuion Preventiom

    Posted 03-31-2023 05:10

    Hi Muthuraman,


    now I got it, thanks for youe help.

    After reading it, and if any open questions are there, I'll come back.


    Thanks a lot, and best regards from Germany

    Ralf Siekierski