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HCP vm cluster failure

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  • 1.  HCP vm cluster failure

    Posted 07-05-2022 07:42

    We are running HCP vm (v9.3.2.3)cluster of 4 nodes on vmware vsphere environment (7.0.3). There are 4 ESXi nodes (v7.0.3) in vmware
    cluster and every HCP node runs on different ESXi node. ESXi hosts are physcally connected to nexus switches (9000 series). HCP nodes are configured with 2 network interfaces, and one
    of those interfaces has a subinterace that is used for replication. Every now and then the HCP cluster fails and it manifest in the following way, both network interfaces are up but
    subinterface is down. the nodes can't communicate via multicast interface and cluster is broken. then we have to move HCP nodes on one ESXi host and get multicast interface to
    communicate with each other. after that we move them back to different ESXi nodes.
    has anyone came across that kind of problem?

    thank you in advance

    Matija Šinogl