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The Difference Between Digital Transformation and Digital Modernization

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  • 1.  The Difference Between Digital Transformation and Digital Modernization

    Posted 11-28-2022 09:30

    And Why You Need to Know Now 


    The IT industry seems to go through acronyms and buzzwords so quickly, it can be difficult to fully appreciate their meaning and value. Especially if the variations are subtle. For example, digital transformation, which has been around long enough, some see it as clichéd, and the newer, likely less familiar digital modernization.

    But don’t let the similarity fool you. While related, they aren’t the same. Depending on what you do, and the state of your business strategy and foundational IT investments, digital modernization may be more important to your future success than you imagine. 


    Transformation is continuous evolution. Modernization is how you get there. 


    Digital transformation is about applying digital technology across the enterprise to the way you meet evolving industry and customer needs. Digital Modernization is about upgrading or implementing new technology to meet those needs and achieve desired outcomes. The latter is often undertaken by IT leaders and their teams, in coordination with BU partners, to deliver tangible benefits, e.g., faster delivery, or superior experiences and response times. It also typically involves continued transition from legacy systems to modern software driven, cloud-based solutions. 

    This places digital modernization at the heart of most progressive companies and their strategies for growth. By focusing on foundational improvements to data, infrastructure, applications and APIs, efficiencies are gained, new markets opened, and new products and services delivered. All primed to drive growth. 


    Modernizing everything. Including the outcome.  


    The most successful modernization efforts provide outcome-oriented improvements by connecting data with applications, and the efficient, cost-effective use of infrastructure. In this regard, it can be disruptive, creating outsized value vs. the sum of upgrades involved. 

    The scale of solutions can vary widely, depending on where you are on your evolving IT journey and challenges faced. It may involve modernizing infrastructure, modernizing applications, or modernizing data, or a combination that constitutes modernizing the digital core. Whatever route you take, it’s ultimately about the end result: modernizing the outcome and enabling success. 


    So important, you could write a book about it (so we did). 


    Like we said, trends and buzzwords come and go, but the most valuable concepts live on. Digital modernization is one of them. To make it easier to put it into perspective – and share with others who may not be as grounded in tech as you and your team – we wrote a book about it, Digital Modernization For Dummies, Hitachi Vantara Special Edition

    It covers a range of topics, from embracing new opportunities, and prioritizing an always-on mentality, to unlocking new value from data to reimage your business. For anyone considering a digital modernization strategy, consider it a starting point. Download a copy today or contact us to discuss your unique needs and challenges.


    Krishnaprasath Hari
    Vice President - Digital Modernization, Cloud Modernization Group
    Hitachi Vantara

  • 2.  RE: The Difference Between Digital Transformation and Digital Modernization

    Posted 02-15-2023 10:15

    Agree with the author about the buzzwords and appreciate every effort put into explaining the difference between Digital Transformation and Digital Modernization in simple and effective way.

    Siva Prasad Chilukuri
    Mgr Specialized Services
    Hitachi Vantara