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United Compute Platform (UCP) has been validated by Google Cloud as an Anthos ready platform

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  • 1.  United Compute Platform (UCP) has been validated by Google Cloud as an Anthos ready platform

    Posted 03-14-2023 03:38

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    Hitachi Vantara's United Compute Platform (UCP) has been validated by Google Cloud as an Anthos ready platform for on-premises modernization, offering customers validated approaches and flexibility for their operating environments. If you are looking to modernize your infrastructure and applications, Anthos is the perfect hybrid and multi-cloud platform to run your applications on the edge, core, and clouds while maintaining consistency between different environments.

    Modernize while preserving legacy investment with Anthos

    Below are some of the features of Anthos that can take your applications to the next level while preserving legacy investment: 

    • Container, VM, and Serverless Support: Anthos provides native support for container, VM, and serverless applications, enabling users to focus on developing applications while legacy workloads are taken care of on the same platform. Anthos utilizes open-source technologies, such as KubeVirt for virtual machines and Knative for serverless code, for converging modern application development and operation into a united platform. 

    • Service Mesh: "Anthos Service Mesh" is based on the industry-leading service mesh Istio, which enables users to manage, observe, and secure their services without changing their application code. With Anthos Service Mesh, you can easily manage interactions between your services (both modern and legacy workloads) with holistic observability, simplify security enforcement, and manage traffic easily. 

    • Config Management: "Anthos Config Management" enables you to manage your entire Anthos territory from a single source of truth. With Google's implementation of GitOps tool, Config Sync, you can apply configuration consistently across clusters and environments with an auditable, transactional, and version-controlled deployment process. Policy Controller and Config Controller work together to handle the constraints on the desired state, provisioning, actuating, and orchestrating Google Cloud resources. 

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    Validated by Google Cloud, UCP is an Anthos Ready Platform

    Now, Hitachi Vantara's United Compute Platform (UCP) offers on-prem deployment options of Anthos on-prem (a component of Google Distributed Cloud Virtual, aka GDC Virtual), which can provide greater performance potential for modernized applications while maintaining support for orchestration tools like Kubernetes and Service Mesh in hybrid multi-cloud scenarios.  

    UCP provides a converged and hyper-converged infrastructure solution that combines high-performance compute, storage, and networking components into a single, integrated system. UCP's modular architecture allows you to easily scale your infrastructure as your needs grow. It supports a variety of compute and storage configurations, including all-flash and hybrid storage options, and is designed to work with a range of modern applications and workloads, from virtual desktop infrastructure to data intensive processing, storage, and analytics.  

    Additionally, UCP includes a range of management and automation tools to help IT teams streamline their operations and reduce the time and effort required to manage your infrastructure. Hitachi's Unified Compute Platform Advisor provides a single pane of glass for managing the entire UCP system, making it easy to keep your infrastructure running smoothly.


    The Synergic Benefits

    With Anthos on-prem (GDC Virtual) on Hitachi Vantara's UCP, you can modernize your applications, streamline management, and scale your infrastructure easily. Do not let legacy infrastructure hold you back - take advantage of the power and flexibility of Anthos on UCP to future-proof your business. Running Anthos on-prem (GDC Virtual) on Hitachi Vantara's United Compute Platform (UCP) is the perfect solution for organizations looking to take their infrastructure to the next level. Here is why: 

    • Consistent and Flexible Platform: Anthos on UCP's modular architecture and support for various compute and storage configurations make it a consistent and flexible platform for deploying and managing your applications across on-premises data centers and multi-cloud environments. You will be able to simplify management, reduce complexity, and tailor your infrastructure to meet your specific business needs. 

    • Improved Agility: Anthos streamlines your application deployment and management, allowing you to respond quickly to changes in your business needs. With Anthos on UCP on-prem, you can further improve your agility and reduce the time-to-value for your applications, giving you a competitive edge in the market. 

    • Simplified Management: UCP's advanced management and automation tools allow you to streamline your operations and reduce the time and effort required to manage your infrastructure across edge, core, and clouds. Running Anthos on UCP on-prem simplifies the management of your infrastructure, reduces the burden on your IT teams, and lets you focus on what is most important - your core business. 

    • Enhanced Security: Anthos offers advanced security features, such as encryption and identity and access management, to protect your applications and data against evolving cyber threats. Running Anthos on UCP on-prem ensures your data and workloads are kept secure. You can have peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is safeguarded against potential cyber threats. 

    • Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness: UCP's modular architecture provides massive scalability for millions of IOPS while retaining low latency, enabling you to scale your infrastructure effortlessly as your business needs grow. Running Anthos on UCP on-prem leverages this scalability to cost-effectively support your applications and workloads across hybrid cloud environments, saving you time and money. 

    In short, running Anthos on-prem on Hitachi Vantara's UCP delivers a flexible, scalable, and secure infrastructure platform for deploying and managing modern applications across hybrid multi-cloud environments. With Anthos on UCP, you can take your infrastructure to the next level and future-proof your business with confidence.  

    Jeff Shih-Chieh Cheng
    Technical Product Manager - Container Platforms & Hybrid Cloud
    Hitachi Vantara