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 3DC GAD + UR Multi-target + Delta for R-Site

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SangMin Kang posted 08-21-2023 01:47

Hi Guru

I have a question about "3DC GAD + UR Multi-target + Delta  for R-Site" .   

Normally, I have checked Product Compatibility Guide by "3DC GAD + UR Multi-target + Delta  for P-Site and L-Site" when I check capatabilities between two storagies.

I'd like to know what is exactly meaning of that  when two storagies have supporting topology by 3DC GAD + UR Multi-target + Delta  for R-Site.

Is that meaning those topology don't support Delta resync for UR ?

For example, when F350 & F370 have matrix for GAD + UR as "3DC GAD + UR Multi-target + Delta  for R-Site", which capabilities exactly can be supported   ? 


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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

Hello SangMin

Are you looking to see which arrays are supported? Could you perhaps share which 3 arrays are involved? 

You could check it yourself here:


Best Regards