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 Correct procedure to remove a tray

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Daniel Kleeman posted 08-03-2022 11:27
What is the correct procedure to remove a tray from a VSP Gx00 and remove it from the config? We have powered off a tray with a single parity group but no LDEVs. The drives now show as "Failed" in the maintenance utility, which is expected. 

We cannot delete the parity group using Device Manager and we cannot remove the trays from the Maintenance Utility.

How do we move forward so that the system does not think any elements are missing?
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Timothy Estes
Hi Daniel,
I believe you will have to power up the tray in question with it's drive configuration intact.
After the system can see the drives you should be able to delete the raid group, then remove the tray.
Hope this helps!
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Hassaan Pasha
Hi Daniel,
You need to delete all the raidgroup first in that disk shelf. Then make sure that the status of all the disks in that disk shelf is set to free. Then perform the procedure remove the disks and then perform the procedure to remove the disk shelf
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Dawed Samy
I'm facing the same issue, removed trays that now show as failed in Device Manager and Maintenance Utility. Parity Group can't be removed because of failed or blocked parts. 
The help in maintenance utility talks about "forcibly remove drives" checkbox which shows up when accessed through Management Console PC 10.0.0.x network. However I can't get this checkbox to show. I'm not sure, but if you can get it you may be able to forcibly delete the parity Group. ( Needs confirmation from experts here)
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Adrian S
I am having the exact same problem.  I can't remove/delete the trays from the Maintenance Utility.
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Daniel Kleeman
I believe that the correct answer is to replace the tray, connect it and re-power up the whole system. The tray will then be accessible to the system with all its failed drives. If any drives are "blocked" then you can remove and replace them and they will then go to green status. When they are all green you should be able to operate on the parity groups etc..

Then you can follow @Hassaan Pasha's instructions.
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Muhammad Asif
You must POWER ON tray to change drive status, once drives in tray are UP/GREEN, then delete LDEV/Mapping before deleting Raid Group.
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tara patel

To remove a tray from a VSP Gx00 and remove it from the configuration, you should follow these steps:

  1. Power off the tray using the appropriate procedure for your system.
  2. Remove the tray physically from the system.    MyAdvocateAurora Health
  3. Use the "Remove Tray" function in the Storage Navigator to remove the tray from the configuration. This will remove any associated LDEVs, parity groups, and other configurations related to the tray.
  4. Check the system configuration to ensure that all elements are properly recognized and no elements are missing.

If you are unable to remove the tray using the Maintenance Utility or Device Manager, you may need to contact technical support for further assistance.