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 Different pagination for different export types in PRD

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Marek Tomko posted 08-15-2022 08:58

I created static report with Pentaho Report Designer using 3 subreports.
For second and third subreport I set "pagebreak-before" option to 'true', to have each of them on the new page.
It influences PDF and also Excel output. See attached screenshots.
Is it possible to set page break only for PDF export type, but keep all subreports in Excel export type on one sheet?
I tried to set "page-mode=stream", but it does not work for Excel outputs (97 nor 2007).

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Marek Tomko
I got an answer from Hitachi support:

Click of the sub-report on the details band.
Find the pagebreak-before option and click the green plus(+) icon to add a open formula for the pagebreak-before option.
Add the below formula. The below formula states that if the report is exported into a PDF format then the pagebreak-before option is set as true, for all other formats it will be set to false.
Save the report.
Now when you try export the report in PDF format, the pagebreak will happen and for excel format all the data will be present on a single sheet.