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 Editing an ldap field that should not be written

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Teresa Fasano posted 11-07-2023 12:11

I am using the Pentaho Data Integration version 9.2 and in the "LDAP OUTPUT" step which is called in case of upsert on LDAP there is the list of fields that must be updated:

The problem is that all the attributes that are marked with "update" to NO are also modified on ldap (for example user_password or email).

Is it possible that this is a bug? Did this happen to anyone else?
Thank you,

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Petr Prochazka

Hi Teresa,

IMHO it's depend on which method is set in tab Settings. Column Update is used only for method Upsert.

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Teresa Fasano

Hi Petr,

yes in the tab settings I have the method Upsert.