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 email from basic authentication to modern autentication

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Albert-Jan Visser posted 08-22-2022 04:35
Hi ,
we are using pentaho pdi 8.0 end retrieving mail from office 365 with basic autentication.

now MS is upgrading to modern autentication, but we can not find a way to make this work , is there a solution for this ?
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Andrew Cave
Hi Albert

You might try the technique here but adjusted for pentaho (tip: use generic database connection so you can define the jdbc string)
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Juan Sierra Pons

I have read (I don't remember where) that copying the javax.mail-1.6.1.jar from Pentaho-9.3 to your Pentaho-8.0 works. NOT TESTED

What I am using (TESTED) is creating a tunnel between your Pentaho and the O365 SMTP servers. It is explained here:

So you send the email in cleartext to the stunnel daemon and then the stunnel daemon does all the SSL/TLS protocol negotiation

Hope it helps

Best regards
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Mark Campbell
Hi Alberyt-Jan Visser.  
I am using pentaho pdi 8.1 and have the same problem.  I am having trouble writing a custom java class to implement microsoft's modern token authentication.  Were you able to solve this issue?
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Albert-Jan Visser
No we were not able to solve this yet