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 HCP Failover - Making DR site the Primary

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Gary Matthews posted 01-23-2024 05:15


Just have a query on failover of the HCPs. We've got a  a G10 cluster running at 9.4 currently active in Datacentre DC1. We've got some Tenants ( some with SMB access namesspaces for logs and one for Enterprise Vault for Exchange) replicating over some active/passive links to a secondary datacentre in DC3. We've now got a requirement to failover the HCPs to run in DC3 as the active site. I've never done any sort of failover testing before now ( customer didnt see it as a neccesary expense!!) , so after some advice / gotcha / recommenations  :-) 

Once we fail over and star using the DC3 site , does the replication back start from scratch or just continue with the data ingested in DC3

Would I be better changing the links from active/passive to active/active before failover and any issues doing this?

Any other advice you can give


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Sven Weidenmann

Hi Gary

All is possible you want to do. A lot of "it depends". And extra checks for legacy protocols in use like SMB. It will be end up badly if you start by try and error and half-knowleadge. You fail then 100%  and can claim but for 50% it should work how i thought. 

Have your local account team involved. If they can not answer they can reach out for help. FSE group for example would come to my mind.

A/A replication should only be used if you have a load-balancer in place.

Best regards

Sven Weidenmann