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 HItachi 9900v Horcm - Help

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Duong Phan posted 03-07-2024 06:04

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the correct place to as this question, but I am pretty new to the hitachi world.

We currently have a customer that has an old Hitachi 9900v system with HORCM configure between regions.

The question i have is, how do i find out the current amount of data that is been replication and the frequency? I need to understand the current RPO of this system.

Please do note, that i was advise this system has not been upgrade in 20years, the Tool like tunning manager no longer work for some reason, the management suit doesn't provide this statistics.

Any assistance in this is much appreciated.

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Kom Marco Best Answer


If you can connect to the SVP Storage Navigator or locally log on to the SVP, you can start performance monitor (Report -> Performance Monitor).
Maybe you need first to enable monitoring on your CU's if you want to check per LDEV.

There you can check you for example your replication ports to see how much data is sent.

Other option is to check your replication switches.

Maybe this will help you,