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shivam aggarwal posted 11-14-2022 00:21
Hi Team,

I need to know, are below protocols supported in Hitachi VSP Series or not. 

Multipath: Multi-path & Load balancing, MPXIO, IPMP, LACP protocol support!

If these are supported, are we have to purchase additional license, or it is integrated.

If possible, pls help with documentation too.

Thanks in advance 

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Most of these protocols and configurations happen on the host side not really on the storage side. Below are some links of where you can find information about multipathing configurations. But by default you can use the built in multipathing driver on the OS or look at our HDLM/HGLM driver that we provide:

Multipathing in Linux:
Multipathing per OS

ALUA Multipathing for the various OS's(used with replication typically)
ALUA Configuration Guidelines

Multipathing with containers:
Multipathing with containers