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 how to factory reset VSP G200

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zamzam firzana posted 08-24-2023 01:00

Hi Everyone

I Have no idea if this is the right forum,

My company handed me the task to revive an old VSP G200 storage that been used with hitachi compute blade 500 as a vmware server, since the previous IT guy left me with no document and i'm kind a new to this,

is there anyway that i can do, to factory reset the whole thing and set it up again from the beginning, I've been banging my head against the wall with no luck past few weeks, much appreciate for any help i could get, or point me to the right direction    

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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

Hello Zamzam

Could you not login on the Embedded GUI of your system? This should be on one of the controller IP's. From there you should see the pools, volumes or luns. If you want to do an Storage Initialization it might be best to get the support team involved. Maybe take a look at the video and resources here: 


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Albert Hagopian

Zamzam, you posted this in the wrong channel - this is Network Attached Storage (NAS) - you should post to "Flash Storage" community to receive more info. There are processes such as ADC documented in the applicable Maintenance Manual.

Unfortunately, I don't see you listed as an active individual within Salesforce and therefore unless you have a valid support contract, I'm not sure you can open a case to receive assistance/guidance. You should start by contacting your local account team or calling into the Global Support Center.

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zamzam firzana

Hi William, thank your for the tips, I'm able to login to controller id, and see the whole config, but unable to delete it for some reason, and as Albert point out this should be in flash storage forum, I shall raise my question on the right place.

once again thank you everyone .