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 How to send mail using GMail

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Tim Bowman posted 06-07-2022 18:57
Hey everyone,

So we regularly use email objects in our jobs. Some of them run for a pretty extended period of time, and the emails let us know when regular checkpoints are reached, or if something failed along the way. This way we can be more productive or even step away from our desk while things are running and still monitor the progress.

However, on 2022/05/30, GMail disabled access from "less secure" applications.

We use a shared email across the team to send these notifications. So a 2FA solution isn't practical, because we don't want to bombard one person on the team with login verification requests while the rest of us work. Not to mention one of the purposes of this process is that we can leave things unattended.

Has anyone come up with a work around in the last week?
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Andrew Cave
Have you set up app passwords in gmail?  I've used them before.   They are locked to the first machine you use them from, but seem to persist OK.