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 How to unblock the blocked LDEVs?

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Ashan Kularathna posted 10-12-2022 06:49
Hi, VSP G200 Storage system was rebooted due to a power failure. When powered up the system it was noticed that, All the LDEVs were in blocked state. When tried to restore the blocked LDEVs we get the below error. We cannot format the LDEVs as there is data in those LDEVs. Please help to unblock the LDEVs? 
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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen


I would be very careful, rather get support involved. It might be blocked because of pinned data stuck in cache or some other potential issue that might lead to data loss. 

Below are some knowledge base articles on restore blocked LDEV's. But I'll be very careful, but as I said best to get support involved.

or maybe this one, keep in mind this is a article about formatting and deleting data:

I'd like to stress again, in this scenario it would be best to get support involved.