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 Is is possible to create a callable end-point on Pentaho Server?

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Claudio Battaglino posted 07-31-2023 15:28


is there a way on Pentaho Server 9.4 to add a callable endpoint that allows, using Javascript,  a CDE dashboard to add items into a table used by this dashboard?

I mean, I have a dashboard with some tables and I have to allow the user to add the items of this dashboard on another table (selected users).

The problem is how to make this table persistent.

Thank you very much


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Stephen Donovan

Depends on how you define "callable".   There are API end points to run KTRs and KJBs within the server.  Same as the carte APIs.  From an external web page, including the Ctools UI, you could submit and API call with parameters to execute a transform to insert data.  GET and POST are supported, I would recommend using a POST.  For a simple row insert, at the end of the KTR you could output the result as a JSON (or handcoded HTML response).  If the KTR is more complex, you coudl trigger a status update and the original page looks/waits for that in the callback.

No examples on hand, but the concepts are well documented.