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 Login prompt on kettle status page

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neelam bhujbal posted 08-18-2023 00:08

Hi There,

We have configured Pentaho Carte server [] on a SSL successfully. but when we access the kettle status page [ https://servername:20000/kettle/status/] and also when we make REST api call [https://servername:20000/kettle/status/?xml=Y] in the browser, it prompts for login every time. We want to know, if there is a way to get rid of this login prompt. This is causing a failure, in our client code when it tries to call that REST API.

Any response is much appreciated.



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donky hote

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Juan Sierra Pons

I have the same configuration Carte+SSL in 9.3 and I haven't seen this behavior.

Can you share your configuration?

Does the same  behavior happens without the SSL?

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Stephen Donovan

CAUTION: is of course warranted.  We are assuming this server is protected behind your firewall and walled off to only allow those API requests from potected server to server.

The Jetty server for Carte is configured for basic auth by default.  The user and password configured in the carte-config.xml or as a separate list of users.  If this is server to server, the API call would be seen as a service account and you simply configure that service in the carte-config.xml.  You could try blank values to see if that gets you through. 

However, if you truely want to go down this route, you could disable authentication at the Jetty server.    That is outside of our software and you can search for that separately.  As Juan Sierra Pons mentioned, posting your carte and jetty config files would be key here.