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 Namespace Capacity Limit Object Count limit by Namesapce

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Abdelkrim Boubeker posted 08-29-2023 14:00


I'm creating a Namespace with 72 TB size, please I want to know what is size limit of a namespace and the number of the Object Count by name space ?
I'm using  Hitachi Content Platform Version


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Sven Weidenmann

Hi Abdelkrim

The limit is given by HCP itself. Depending if you have All Flash SSD HCP or not, it is 800 million or 1.25 Billion objects per Node counted. 4 Node All Flash has a HCP overall limit of 5 Billion objects. You can add nodes to have more billion of objects or more capacity to store. The TB limiting factor are the number of LUN's and size per Node. In terms of performance, multiple namespaces can deliver more performance.