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 New with Hitachi Storage Solution

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Tuan Mohammad Yusoff Shah Tuan Ya posted 01-10-2024 01:12


I just inherited a hitachi storage solution. Currently I have no clue whatsoever on how to access or even configure. I also dont know how to find the model number. I only have the photos of the storage. Hoping the member here could help me in solving my basic issues. I am attaching the photos here.



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Hello Tuan

At the back of the bottom controller there should be sticker with a serial no(5/6 digits). Based on that especially the first digit I can tell you what model this is. I'm guessing it's something like HUS or G series. For more information on G and F series arrays you can view information on the knowledge base here:

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Colin Yu

I think you should have to contact hitachi support to figure it out since all storage should be have service contract in order to make it works fine as data storage. Also you can access to its IP address of controller to figure it out.