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 Pentaho 9.1 ce. Session keeps hanging after canceling preview execution

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Anton D posted 06-01-2023 12:49

Hello, friends

I need your help.

I used Pentaho 6 EE version. Now switched to version 9.1 Community edition.

I noticed a feature. After observing the preview and canceling - the session is not stopped and the request is executed on the source. In version 6, this application behavior is not observed. After canceling the request at the source is aborted.

I want to do the same in version 9. Has anyone experienced this?

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Carlos Lopez

@Anton D is this by any chance happening with Oracle? If it is with Oracle what version are you querying and what JDBC driver are you using?

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Anton D

@Carlos Lopez 

This happens with MSSQL. We use the driver version mssql-jdbs-9.2.0. With these drivers, Pentaho6 EE does not experience this problem. It is only seen on Pentaho9.1 CE. We tested the Pentaho 9.3CE + mssql-jdbs-12.2.0 bundle - the same results