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 Pentaho 9.3 Community Startup Tabs (CST) changed start order

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Kenneth Wrife posted 08-16-2022 02:16
When upgrading to 9.3 the tabs in my application using CST show the last (rightmost) tab after start. Previous versions starts with the
first (leftmost) tab. Any ideas how to fix this?

Added some more info: This line in the file cst/resources/tabs.js does not work as expected anymore
$($(".pentaho-tab-bar .pentaho-tabWidget")[0]).mouseup();

I changed the line:
$($(".pentaho-tab-bar .pentaho-tabWidget")[0]).mouseup();
to these lines:
   $($(".pentaho-tab-panel .pentaho-tabWidget")[0]).mousedown(function() {
   // console.log("CST: TABW MOSEDOWN ");
   $($(".pentaho-tab-panel .pentaho-tabWidget")[0]).mousedown();