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 performance in HNAS

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venkatesvara guptha posted 07-29-2023 08:16

Is there a way to find out performance(latency,throughput,IOPS) for a virtual volume or filesystem in HNAS?

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Geert Scholten


There are no reports available which makes this very hard.

Analyzing performance can only be done by running a PIR.

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Hassaan Pasha

You can use Ops Center Analyzer for HNAS to get some performance details for EVS and Filesystem but not for virtual volumes.

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Albert Hagopian

Venkatesvara, if you are experiencing a performance issue, please open a case with GSC and they will guide you in the investigation. You can generate a PIR (via the CLI, see the man page for 'pir') against the filesystem or node; PIR does not execute against ViVol nor are there metrics using ViVols. It shall be noted that in the future, we will have some performance statistics using ViVols.

As noted below, the current Gold Standard is to monitor IO using Ops Center Analyzer, which I hope is in use.

I've looked into SalesForce and only find one case relative to you, so I'd highly encourage you to engage with the GSC for help with a performance concern.