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 Procedure to Present Volume to Hosts Using FC

Javier Alejandro Camargo Soto's profile image
Javier Alejandro Camargo Soto posted 05-12-2023 20:48
What would be the correct procedure to present volume to hosts via FC?

A VSP E was recently deployed and when trying to present volumes from OPS Administrator the status shows attach, but when checking the servers it does not recognize anything.

This procedure was followed:

1.- The storage zoning with the servers was carried out.
2.- The servers were added to OPS Adm.
3.- Port security was enabled from OPS Adm.
4.- A volume was created and we proceeded to attach it.
4.- The status of the volume changed to attach but nothing can be seen from the server.

This is the first time that volume is being presented to the hosts.

please your support to solve this problem.
thank you.
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Hassaan Pasha

Try to rescan the HBA or reboot the server. The OS will be able to scan the LDEVs assigned to it. 

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dhruv kalia

Hey rebooting server will see the volumes

next time give the volumes first then zone to avoid rebooting

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Prasenjit Chatterjee

Dear Javier,

In addition to Hassaan and Dhruv's comment I would like to make below comments:

1. Please make sure that volumes and ports belong to same resource group, i.e. if volume is from the Meta resource group then the port to which you are assigning this volume/lun must be in the meta resource group, please check it once.

2. If rebooting server also does not help to discover your lun then in the FC san switch try to disable and enable the port once.