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 Slow Copying of Files from Solaris Server Using HCP NFS

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Sangman Kim posted 05-18-2022 03:49

Dear all,

We contact you about the performance degradation issue when copying files to the solaris server local disk using HCP's NFS protocol.

- The system environment is as follows.
  • HCP G11 4node (9.3.3)
  • Solaris 10
  • 10Gbps Network

- Current issue
  • The HCP namespace is mounted on the Solaris server via NFS protocol.
  • Uploading files to the namespace via HTTP or NFS protocol from another machine and using the cp command to copy the files to the Solaris server local disk is too slow (1 MB/sec).
  • This happens when the solaris server first receives a file uploaded to the HCP via HTTP or NFS protocol from another system.(all files)

I wonder if there has ever been such a case.
​Also, I wonder if there is a workaround.

Thank you.