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 SMB Alternate Data Stream

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Gary Matthews posted 06-27-2023 06:39


We're looking to classify our documents on our HNAS 4060 , currently on  14.6.7520.04. At the moment for the most part office docs are ok, however CSV and some other files need to have an ADS written to them in order to take the classification marking and they are failing. We've been asked to check if the Alternate Data Stream is supported and enabled on the HNAS before the development team go back to the customer - How do we check this or is it on/supported by default?



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Andrew J. Romero

Hi Gary

The HNAS does support alternate data streams

Here are some basic ADS operations that you can try from the Windows cmd shell

# create main file

    @echo This is the main part of the file >ADS-Demo.txt

# create alternate data stream

   @echo This is the alternate part >ADS-Demo.txt:myads.txt

# list directory and display alternate data streams

   dir /r

# display content in alternate data stream ( assumes alternate data stream
  content is plain-text )

  more <  ADS-Demo.txt:myads.txt