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 Speed up Initial Copy on VSP5600

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Marc Van Hoof posted 02-23-2024 08:50

Any of you experienced in speeding up Initial full copy in a synchronous replication ?

It took more than 30 hours to Initial resync a 16TiB LDEV (yes big),72% used and I'm wondering if we can't speed up on this with some settings. 

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andrea breaux

Speeding up the initial full copy in synchronous replication can be challenging, especially with large volumes of data. Here are a few strategies that might help:

  1. Seeded Initial Sync: If a subset of the data already exists on the target from older copies, backups, or shipped drives, you can use a seeded initial sync. This approach only copies the differing blocks, potentially shortening the initial sync time and preventing data from using up limited bandwidth.
  2. Preseeding Files: For DFS Replication, you can preseed files on the destination server to speed up initial synchronization. This involves copying files to the destination server before setting up replication so that only changes need to be replicated.
  3. High-Performance Network: Ensure the network infrastructure between the source and target is optimized for high throughput. This may involve configuring network settings for maximum performance and ensuring that the physical network components support the required data rates.
  4. Storage System Optimization: Check if any storage system-specific settings can be adjusted to improve replication performance. This might include tuning the storage hardware or adjusting the configuration of the storage software.     KrogerFeedback
  5. Parallel Replication Streams: If possible, configure multiple replication streams to run in parallel. This can distribute the load and potentially reduce the overall time required for the initial replication.
  6. Monitoring and Analysis: Use monitoring tools to analyze the replication process and identify bottlenecks. Once identified, targeted optimizations can be made to those specific areas to improve performance.

Remember to consult the documentation for your specific replication software and hardware for more detailed guidance and best practices. It’s also advisable to test any changes in a controlled environment before applying them to production systems to ensure they have the desired effect without causing disruptions.

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andrea breaux