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 VSP V5200 SVP IP address

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Josip Puntijar posted 09-13-2023 11:20


regarding the knowlege base entry : VSP 5000 Series - Default VSP 5000 SVP IP Addresses. Could you please explain how is the aaa octet defined? 


*from MC 90-05-01-00 the address will be 10.aaa.aaa.bbb

aaa: An address generated from the serial number of a storage system
bbb: 15 for Master SVP and 14 for Standby SVP

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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

Hello Josip, there is an internal tool that Support has access to that tells them what the private IP is based on serial no. The public one is documented. 

Can you not connect to the public one? Maybe a sceen and keyboard directly on the svp would help to set it or look it up?