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 What happens when file system usage is 100 percent?

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Kwon Soon-jae posted 08-15-2023 22:14

Hi, I'm kwon.

I'm using Many HNAS Devices with my clients.

Anyway, for example if I make a file system which capacity 1 TB.

When This File system's usable capacity is 0 (used 100% / Usable 0%), Then what happens in this situation?

I mean 0 % usable capacity is 0 bite usable capacity.

Precondition is mounted in Window server as a Network Drive.

In this case, will the file system be unmounted or inaccessible?
I want your answer.
Thanks for your help.
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Albert Hagopian

Hello Kwon, I see you listed in SalesForce and am copying my teammate @Namsoo Kim so he can work directly with you.

Generally speaking filesystems should never become full, they usually auto expand - so your environments should be revisited. If/when a filesystem become full, it will not fail, but incoming writes from client will fail, but reads will not.

I suggest working with Namsoo and opening a case if your customer experiences an issue (beyond the fact that client writes fail).