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Huge Performance Issues in PDI 9.3 

05-30-2022 01:02
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01-25-2023 18:57

It's a bit unclear what's going on here, but the T without an offset suggests that you either have a confusion with the date/time format or the value is in UTC (in practice, this is the same Greenwich Mean Time). So, if you want the time to display in the time zone of the customer organization, you'll need to apply an offset. We use a User Defined Java Class to handle time zone conversions because we have organizations running reports from different time zones. If everything is in the same time zone for you, you could use a Java Expression (or Postscript--or even do the conversion as the value is read in, if it's coming from a data source that allows that).

Good luck!

07-25-2022 01:03

I am trying to convert a string value to Date. We took 
the Date  in this format: yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss:

I am using the Pentaho Data Integration 9.3 

In pentaho the is time 08:09 but in our Org it is showing 01:09 am. The time gap is 7hours is showing the error.......Please Does any one know this error? We tried in different formats but there is no result. 

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